Friday, June 10, 2011

Faez Hakim ? want to know more bout him ? lets check it out ;)

heyy korg ;) im back again for new entry bout this guy ;) hehe , for sure mesti korg tertnye tnye siape dia ? haha , btw this is Muhammad Faez Hakim Rosdi , *idk btol tk ejaan die ikot ic , yg psti ini lah nme yg die tulis ;) hehe, so knpe ttbe aku post psl die ? hehe , itu sebb aku penuhi permintaan die , die suro letak his page kt my blog , kirenye suroh promote ;) hee , then i buat jela ;) ngeh2


Hi , my name is Faez Hakim. I'm a musician , I like to sing coz it make me peace and happy. Coz world without music is just a world without life. seriously you have a favourite song right ?so has i. but i like to make my own music. MUSIC IS YOUR OXYGEN.
Music For The World . peace yaww (:
try to make the whole world know my music

ok itu sahaje dri die , heee i love his voice , best sngt ;) if korg nk die cover mane2 song just tell him , insya-Allah die cover kan ;) kan kan FAEZ HAKIM ? haha , if nk contact dgn die , just pegi through his fanpage dan lain2 ;)
Don't forget to like his FANPAGE . tq .

heee , ok2 , jgn lupe contact him , he's talented guy ;) so sape2 berminat sila hubungi nombor tertera : tnye die sndri lah ;) hahaha , *okay sorry if merepek , idk lg want to say ;) haha ,k lah korg , smpi disini shje ;) byebye , n jgn lupe LIKE <3 hee To Faez Hakim : i'm done . ;) p/s: sorry if tk memuaskan or terlebih2 or tergedik2 ,sorry again ;)
sincerely by nedy ^_^

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